Daru Whiskey
Our Story


Where it all started:
punjab, india.

The story begins in the region of Punjab, located in northwest India. The Sran family has settled here for as long as records show, going back as far as the early 1800s. Translating to the “Land of Five Waters”, the Sran family has called Punjab their home for centuries. Surrounded by lush farmland, a unique climate, and an abundant water supply from the nearby rivers, the Sran family settled into the farming sector, where they continue to own acres of vast farmland to this day.


The Sran Brothers draw their inspiration
from their predecessors.

At the turn of the 20th century, their ancestors created a recipe and technique for distilling spirits which they passed down to their father and his siblings. Despite prohibitions imposed by Indian government on alcohol production, their father would nestle deep into the fields of the centuries-old farm in secrecy and use the same time-tested techniques to curate a spirit of his own. This unique and proprietary spirit was not for prominence or profit, but for the sole purpose of entertaining family, friends, and guests.


Fast forward to today.

The Sran brothers have plans to build on their family’s unique history and their traditions by providing premium spirits to be enjoyed around the world. Daru will be the first of many products under the Sran Spirits umbrella and they have plans to continue providing products that uphold the Sran family standard.

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