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Centuries of Tradition.
A Modern Taste.

Inspired by their family’s long and rich legacy of making spirits in India, the Sran brothers bring to you the first product under the Sran Spirits umbrella: Daru Whiskey. Fueled by centuries of family tradition before them, the Sran brothers plan to raise the bar for what it means to be a spirit in the modern times.

Sourced from the highest quality grains, Daru is a premium Canadian whiskey with a tasting experience unlike any other. With an intense aroma on the nose, delicately sweet notes with fruity hints bring on a sophisticatedly smooth entry with a strong finish. The Sran Brothers hope is that you enjoy this fine whiskey in the same spirit by which their ancestors enjoyed their own.

Our Whiskey
Distilled in Canada, we bring you a premium, 100% corn-based whiskey that has been aged for a minimum of three years in rare Canadian oak barrels. Filtered through activated charcoal to remove impurities, Daru comes smoothly on the palate with a well-balanced finish.

It began in India in the 1800's.
It continues in the U.S. today.
Read on for a story that is unlike any other and to discover what inspired Daru.

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